Big Draw Studio

We opened in November 2010 as an arts studio providing facilities and expertise, delivering free all ages arts education, fostering artist entrepreneurship, and promoting accessible, life-enriching art experiences for Tampa Bay area residents and visitors.

By bringing working artists, artists-to-be, children, and community members together, we emphasize the richness of our own community and strengthen our operation. We strive to make it possible for anyone to create art from start to finish.

We seek to develop a place that can be a nucleus of creative activity.  This multi-use facility provides opportunities in arts education and personal development, and acts as a safe, creative space. Located in the unique historic town of Ruskin, FL The Big Draw Studio is perfectly situated on the Tamiami Trail (613 US HWY 41).

The Big Draw Studio is an economic and artistic resource for working artists. We rent studio space at a low cost and provide tools, networking, and the information they need to be successful.

As an arts educational facility, we teach classes to all ages, and create artistic and entrepreneurship workshops to develop skills for working artists and creative community members.

Our Teen Studio Program is very unique in that we rent artist studios to local teens at 50% of the cost of an adult studio.  In this program the teens get the opportunity to work alongside professional working artists.  Teens get help with portfolio building and practical studio methodology.  Regular critiques and collaboration make this program an outstanding resource to our community.

The Studio’s programs integrate artistic exploration with community building. The greatest benefit of these programs and the Big Draw Studio is a sense of community, fostered by ownership of the space and art. We are currently running on volunteers, but being such a young organization we can accomplish a lot with a little. It is this spirit of entrepreneurship, resourcefulness, and creativity which drives us to meet community needs.


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